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Tomatoes Variety Pak 3 pc.

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Tomatoes Variety Pak 3 pc.- R72077

Variety is the spice of life, and home grown tomatoes are the sweetness. This collection brings three totally different types of tomatoes to your home garden so you can enjoy tomatoes in every form that your heart could desire, from sandwiches, tomato suace, salad, or fresh off the vine.

Botanical Name:Solanum lycopersicum
Common Name:Tomato Variety Pak
Hardiness Zone:9-10: Cold Tolerance: 32F
Sun Shade:Full Sun
SKU:R72077 / Annual (90 day warranty)
Bloom Time:Fruits in the Summer
Cultivar:1 each: Big Beef (Red Beefsteak), Carolina Gold (Yellow Beefsteak), La Roma III
HT/WD:Big Beef: 5-7' / 3'; Carolina Gold: 3-4' / 2-3'; La Roma III: 3-4" / 2-3'
Uses:Containers, Kitchen Garden
Growing Guides:Tomatoes Variety Pak
Ships:2.5" square x 3" deep
Shipping Schedule:Zone Map

When it comes to growing tomatoes, growing a wide variety of types is the most fun to go about it. This collection includes three different kinds of Tasty Tomatoes so you can enjoy eating tomatoes in every way possible. All three are a cinch to grow either direclty in the ground or in containers on the patio or porch. 'Big Beef' produces enormous beefsteak tomatoes perfect sandwiches or caprese salads. 'Carolina Gold' is the sweetest in the bunch and is best eaten sliced with a sprinkling of salt and nothing more! Finally is 'La Roma III' yielding loads of oblong shaped Roma tomatoes that are ideal for salads, salsas, or home made tomato sauce.

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