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Braided Money Tree 2 pc

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This evergreen symbolizes good fortune; grows large up to 6 feet tall, but smaller pots will keep them in Bonsai form; never goes dormant; wonderful easy to care houseplant needing very little water

Botanical Name:Pachira aquatica
Common Name:Money tree
Hardiness Zone:10-11
Sun Shade:Bright Light
SKU:R72070 / Tender Perennial (90 Day)
Bloom Time:N/A
Cultivar:Green foliage
Uses:Indoor containers
Growing Guides:Money Tree Braided
Ships:3.5" square x 4" deep
Shipping Schedule:Zone Map

Roberta's Braided Money Tree with Hawaiian Magic plays an important role in Asian cultures. Symbolizing good fortune, it is a favorite in times of celebration and business undertakings. It has a robust trunk and shiny, palmate leaves that make it the first choice of Feng Shui (pronounced fung schway) Masters for filling a home or business with positive Chi energy for attracting wealth and prosperity into all areas of one?s life. Your Good Luck Money Tree will grow in small or large pots for years on end. Small containers will keep them in Bonsai form. Large containers will allow them to grow as tall as 6 feet in as many years. Leaves form gradually from the onset. They produce more leaves as they grow. They enjoy partial sun or diffused light in the home year round or outside in the summer.

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