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Day Blooming Orchid Cactus Epiphyllum (2 in 1) 2 pc.

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Epiphyllum Day Orchid Cactus like our beloved Christmas cactus produces large, elegant flowers which tend to spill over the pot or hanging basket. This trait makes them perfect for hanging baskets or elevated containers where the succulent foliage can cascade over the sides of the pots. It brings a tropical look to your garden or patio and can be grown anywhere in the country. The large orchid-like flowers bring outrageous color and form with each foliage lobe having the capacity to produce a flower; yet, they produce no prickles or thorns.

Botanical Name:Epiphyllum ackermannii
Common Name:Epiphyllum, Epies, Orchid Cactus
Hardiness Zone:10-11: Cold Tolerance: 45F
Sun Shade:Partial Sun (most preferred) or dappled sun
SKU:R67197 / Tender Perennial (90 Day)
Bloom Time:Spring into Late Autumn- 2nd season
Cultivar:2 pots: (2 day blooming in 1 pot) Combo Mix; red, pink, orange, or yellow
HT/WD:12-18 in / 12-24 inches
Special:Long-lived heirloom cactus in multiple colors; very popular; no prickles or thorns; combo planting (2-in-1) within each pot; attracts butterflies and hummingbirds; drought tolerant; deer and rabbit resistant
Uses:Containers, hanging baskets, elevated pots, indoor sun porches
Growing Guides:Epiphyllum Orchid Cactus
Ships:3.5" square x 4" deep
Shipping Schedule:Zone Map

This low maintenance heirloom plant can live for many years and you just need to bring it indoors during the winter. During the summer, it prefers partial sunlight. They can even be propagated quite easily, by simply cutting off a piece of foliage and repotting it so you can share with friends and family. This collection includes 2 pots with each pot containing 2 plants- Epiphyllum in different colors of either red, orange, pink, and yellow.

More Information
General Product information
  • Rainforest Cactus-likes heat and humidity but dappled sun (grows under things)
  • Plant with a houseplant soil that Does Not say "feeds up to" or "nutrients added"
  • Mist leaves with water once a week
  • Fertilize twice a month during Summer growing season
  • November-March only water once a month and Do Not fertilize
  • Bring indoors if it drops below 50 degrees
  • Blooms in the 2nd season, sometimes 3rd
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