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Exotic, Tropical and Variegated Canna Collection 4 pc.

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Exotic, Tropical and Variegated Canna Collection 4 pc. R67140

Cannas transport any gardener to an exotic locale with their lush growth and tropical flower spikes. Roberta’s Variegated Canna Collection produces the most colorful foliage of any cannas we’ve seen with each variety producing vibrant striping up and down the foliage with shoots of bright orange-red flower spikes in mid-summer.

Botanical Name: Indica (Durban) or Canna 'Pretoria'(Tiger)
Common Name:Canna, Indian Shot
Hardiness Zone:7-11: Cold Tolerance: 5 F
Sun Shade:Full to Partial Sun
SKU:R67140 / Tender Perennial (90 Day Warranty)
Bloom Time:Mid Summer to Autumn
Cultivar:2 Each Bengal Tiger (bright orange flowers) Durban (mango-orange flowers)
HT/WD:4-5 ft / 2-4 ft
Special:Deer Resistant
Uses:garden, containers, or as an accent backdrop for smaller plants, thrillers for pots, warm winter gardens, in water as an aquatic plant
Growing Guides:Variegated Cannas
Shipping Schedule:Zone Map

Each variety produces large foliage with different colors of striping ranging from white, burgundy, green, and orange. Exceptionally pretty when the sun is glowing through the foliage. An incredible specimen plant that will illuminate your garden wherever you put it. Great on the borders, at the back of the flower beds, in containers on your patios and porches, next to your pool, or wherever else you want a little tropical flair. A requisite plant for an tropical themed garden. Remarkable genetics allow this to perform more reliably, with stronger and quicker growth, and a longer bloom season than other cannas. This collection includes 2 each Canna Bengal Tiger and Canna Durban. 

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