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Flaunt Your Foliage Houseplants 3 pc.

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Flaunt Your Foliage Houseplants 3 pc. R67250

This collection brings three of the easiest, lushest plants to your indoor garden. With this collection you’ll be on your way to turning your indoor garden into a veritable indoor jungle! Houseplants are the hottest category in plants right now, but getting high quality, easy to grow houseplants can be a challenge. The three plants we have selected are noted for their unique look, ease of care, and long life. Requiring little more than a sunny window and average water needs, these plants create an atmosphere of life, beauty, and energy inside the home.

Botanical Name:Pilea peperomioides, Aloe vera barbadensis, and Chlorophytum
Common Name:Chinese Money Plant, Aloe Vera, and Spider Plant
Hardiness Zone:10-11: Cold Tolerance: 45F
Sun Shade:Bright/Diffused indoor light or sun
SKU:R67250 / Houseplants (90 Day)
Bloom Time:N/A: Evergreen Foliage only
Cultivar:1 each- Chinese Money Plant, Aloe Vera, and Spider Plant
HT/WD:Aloe Vera: 10-16 in.; Chinese Money Plant: 12 in.; Spider Plant: 6-8 in. / Aloe-6-10 in, Money-8 in., Spider-8-!2 in.
Uses:containers, centerpieces, outside on porches in summertime
Growing Guides:Houseplant Trio
Ships:3.5" square x 4" deep
Shipping Schedule:Zone ShippingZone Map

Chinese Money Plant: this is a plant on everyone’s wish list! These rare beauties produce exciting round glossy foliage that look like coins hanging from stems. Aloe Vera: not only is this succulent a cinch to grow, it has stature, elegance and is widely known to be used to salve minor cuts and scrapes. This heirloom plant will grow for many years in a sunny window. Spider Plant: easily one of the fastest growing houseplants, the Spider Plant will cascade and flow over the edges of whatever container it is growing in. This is truly an indoor jungle plant. If possible, grow in a hanging basket so its trailing habit can be accentuated.

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