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Snake Plant Collection 2 pc

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Grown perfectly in a room with loads of bright light, or not much lighting at all, Snake Plants are exceptionally versatile. They are also known to be able to go a very long time without needing much water at all. They're essentially fail proof! They are also rapid growers that send out many baby Snake Plants that can be dug out and replanted, increasing the plant life in your home or making the perfect gift for a loved one. This variety has exceptional yellow variegated edging that will make it the centerpiece of your indoor garden!

Botanical Name:Dracaena trifasciata
Common Name:Snake Plant or also Mother's in Law Tongue
Hardiness Zone:10-11: Cold Tolerance: 45F
Sun Shade:Bright, indirect Light- not direct
SKU:R67124 / Houseplant (90 Day)
Bloom Time:Summer
Cultivar:Yellow Variegated Snake Plant
HT/WD:12-24" / 6-10"
Growing Guides:Snake Plant 2 pc
Ships:3.5" square x 4" deep
Shipping Schedule:NonZoned- Ships Early May

There are many reasons why houseplants are one of the hottest trends in horticulture right now. They look great, bring life indoors, they're easy to grow, fun to care for, can change the energy of your living space and they help clean the air. Just like trees and other plant life outside that helps filter smog, pollution, car exhaust, etc.; you can start cleaning the air in your home simply by adding some living houseplants to your decor.

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