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Easy Wave® Petunias PWD- 4 pc.

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Easy Wave® Petunias 4 pc. - R71738

You won't believe how well these plants spread until you grow them! These Easy Wave Petunias are renowned for their ability to create beautiful, uniform growth over a wide area, and fast! Their fast and vigorous growth habit in mere weeks makes them perfect for spilling out and spilling over the edges of containers and hanging baskets, or quickly filling out garden beds.

Botanical Name:Petunia x hyrbrida
Common Name:Easy Wave® Petunias
Hardiness Zone:10-11
Sun Shade:Full Sun
SKU:R71738 / Annual (90 day warranty)
Bloom Time:Late Spring to Mid Fall
Cultivar:2 each: Coral Reef and Lavender Sky Blue
HT/WD:6-12" / 30-40"
Uses:Mass Planting, Beds, Container
Growing Guides:Easy Wave Petunia
Ships:2.5" square by 3" deep pot
Shipping Schedule:Zone Map

You will have incredible waves of color in your garden for months and months on these easy to grow, high impact petunias. They will each be smothered with large petunia blooms from late spring until autumn.

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