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Arizona Series Gaillardia Blanket Flower 3 pc

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Arizona Series Gaillardia Blanket Flower 3 pc R66849

All the shades of the southwest sun, from golden yellows to rich deep reds and blazing oranges, Roberta’s 3 pc. Arizona Gaillardia Blanket Flower collection will bring the heat to your garden this year.  Our selection of gaillardia is bound to impress every single year, as these winter hardy perennials bloom from early summer to early fall each year.  And with each collection, you will be receiving three amazing varieties, two of the varieties having won All-American Selection Awards – there’s simply no better gaillardia around.  The three varieties of gaillardia are all compact growers, reaching only about one foot tall and wide.  They spend their energy producing flowers instead of growing tall and lanky like other gaillardia and thus produce dense plants that will be completely blanketed in flowers.  This collection includes 1 each of Arizona Red, Arizona Sun, and Arizona Apricot.

Botanical Name:Gaillardia, Arizona Series
Common Name:Blanket Flower
Hardiness Zone:4-10: Cold Tolerance: -20F
Sun Shade:Full Sun
SKU:R66849 / Perennial
Bloom Time:Early Summer to Early Autumn
Cultivar:Arizona Series- 1 each: Arizona Sun, Arizona Red, and Arizona Apricot
HT/WD:10-12 in / 10-12 in
Special:Attracts Butterflies & Hummingbirds, Drought & Heat Tolerant, Deer & Rabbit Resistant
Uses:Mixed with other sun loving perennials, xeriscapes and hard to water areas, window boxes, patio containers
Growing Guides:Blanket Flower Gaillardia
Ships:3.5" square x 4" deep
Shipping Schedule:Zone Map

Arizona Red brings masses of deep red flowers with yellow eyes that are incredibly heat and drought tolerant once established in the garden.  Arizona Sun is the 2005 AAS winner and 2005 Fleuroselect gold winner for its flaming orange and yellow tipped flowers that are 3” in diameter – that’s about 50% larger than most.  Finally, Arizona Apricot is the 2011 AAS winner and totes apricot colored flowers with golden tips and amber eyes.  These three gaillardia are perfect for every garden, but especially those with poor soils, as they are native to the poor soil prairielands of central USA!  The word gaillardia refers to brightly colored Native American blankets, and thus gaillardia is also called the blanket flower.  This is because their flowers are so profuse and brilliantly colored that they look like patterns in your garden.  Roberta’s Southwest Gaillardia will look even more beautiful because our varieties produce up to twice as many flowers as other gaillardia and bloom significantly longer as well.  This is a collection meant to brighten up your garden with its beauty and ease.  These plants require very little maintenance once established.  And if you enjoy watching the goldfinches in your garden, you don’t even need to deadhead your plants!  Excelling in containers and in the ground, these plants will steal the spotlight again and again in your garden as they grow fuller, richer, and easier year after year.

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