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Stunning Spectacles Tiger Lily Mix 8 pc.

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Tiger lilies put on a spectacle of fascinating and intriguing blossoms in midsummer each season. These lilies are highly coveted and extraordinary with a unique, exotic tiger-skin look. The petals are rolling delicately backwards and contain a multitude of dark spots. These lilies are well-suited for the middle or backside of your flowerbeds and they’ll do well in average soil in either full or partial sunlight. Tiger lilies have long been in cultivation and they’re easy to grow, extremely winter hardy, and multiply rapidly for outstanding garden reliability. Lilies are a gardener’s favorite and these are no ordinary lilies. This lily spectacle includes 2 each of Pink Giant, Strawberry Event, Pink Flight, and Yellow Bruse mixed together unlabeled in one bag.

Botanical Name:Lilium tigrinum
Common Name:Tiger Lilies
Hardiness Zone:3-9; Cold Tolerance: -30F
Sun Shade:Full sun to partial sun
SKU:R338786 / Perennial
Bloom Time:Early to Mid Summer- 2nd Season
Cultivar:Tiger Lilies mixed together in one bag: 2 each Pink Giant, Strawberry Giant, Yellow Bruse, and Orange
HT/WD:36-44 in / 12-18 in
Special:Attracts Butterflies & Hummingbirds, Rabbit Resistant
Uses:garden, border, cut flowers
Growing Guides:Tiger Lily
Ships:bulb 14/16 cm
Shipping Schedule:Zone Map

All these lilies grow tall and display the famous recurved blossoms and black spots on the petals. These lilies produce bulbils (small bulbs) along the leaf axils of the stem that fall off and grow for numerous added lilies within a couple years. These are very disease resistant and they’ll brighten up your gardens with glowing blooms of the fiery colors from orange, pink, red, and yellow in early to midsummer. They reproduce rapidly with bulbils that form and fall from the stems! These lilies grow tall, around 36-44 inches tall and they vary by variety.

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