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Tropical Paradise Shorter Canna Lily Mix 3 pc

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Tropical Paradise Shorter Canna Lily Mix 3 pc-R338766

Cannas are the perfect plant to uplift and enhance your flower gardens around your home. Plant cannas in the border or the middle layer of your flowerbeds or they’re equally as beautiful in narrow, tight spaces. Cannas look fantastic when backlit by a setting sun. You can also make cannas the focal point in your beds and hero of large patio pots filled with other flowering annuals. You can even liven up plantings near water features or boggy areas as cannas will happily thrive in these overly moist areas. This collection includes 1 each bagged/labeled separately of Wyoming, King City Gold, and Cherry Red. Cannas grow quickly reaching full maturity and full bloom in its first season.  Cannas are popular for adding a tropical flair to the landscape and they’re especially known for their contrasting foliage which can create spectacular interest in the garden.

Botanical Name:Indica Mix
Common Name:Canna, Indian Shot
Hardiness Zone:7-11; Cold Tolerance: 20F
Sun Shade:Full to Partial Sun
SKU:R338766 / Tender Perennial (90 Day)
Bloom Time:Mid Summer to Autumn
Cultivar:1 each labeled and bagged separately: Wyoming (orange), King City Gold, and 1 Cherry red
HT/WD:3-4 ft / 12-18 in, (space 18 in. apart)
Special:Attracts Butterflies & Hummingbirds, Drought Tolerant, Deer Resistant
Uses:Garden, containers, or as an accent backdrop for smaller plants, thrillers for pots, all year round in warm winter gardens
Growing Guides:Canna Mix
Ships:Bulb #1
Shipping Schedule:Zone Map

These cannas grow about 3-4 feet tall unlike the typical canna that grows 6 feet tall. Cannas prefer full sun and lots of water during the active growing season while being winter hardy to zone 7. If you live in a colder climate, you can easily lift the bulbs in autumn and store away in dry peat for the winter, then replant the following spring. Wyoming, recipient of the famous Award of Garden Merit, displays brilliant orange flowers which contrast nicely with its spectacular, dark burgundy foliage. What a great way to bring the feel of the tropics around your home or in pots on your patio. Next, is King City Gold. This variety features large, golden yellow flowers containing a splash of cinnamon dots on the petals. Canna cherry red has large, rich and bright blooms that contrast nicely with its grey-green leaves.

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