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Double Flowered Large 6" Potted Desert Rose Choice of Purple or Red 1 pc.

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Desert Rose African Dbl. Adenium in 6" choice of 1 pc. R71930

Bragging rights included! This is the perfect houseplant for those of us that aren’t so perfect! Gemini Rose is also known as Sabi Star or Kuda, is a long-lived plant for decades on end, and actually a succulent bonsai plant native to tropical and subtropical eastern and southern Africa and Arabia. It will bring you years of enjoyment. Gemini Desert Rose with its eye-catching swollen, twisted trunk blooms for nearly 6 months each year with little to no care. It has unique flower colors, a long blooming season, large flowers, and fast growth. For one-of-a-kind character, totally forgiving of neglect, completely disease and pest free, this wonderful houseplant will be the main attraction in your home. From tropical South Africa, a light yellow flower beautifully adorned with inward streaks of raspberry, as if the fruit was crushed upon the flower! It grows with a wonderful thick trunk and is surely the most unique out of the collection. This beautiful deeply rose colored flower has the sweetest two-toned distinction yet with its light blush pink border. It’s a very prolific bloomer with fast plant growth and century old life expectancy.

Botanical Name:Adenium obesum
Common Name:Desert Rose, Sabi Star, Kudu
Hardiness Zone:10-11: Cold Tolerance: 50F
Sun Shade:Full to Partial Sun
SKU:R71930172/Red / R71930154/Purple / Tropical (90 Day Warranty)
Bloom Time: Summer to Winter- 2nd season
Cultivar:Choice of Color: Double Red or Double Purple
HT/WD:1-3 ft / 1-2 ft
Uses:Long lived houseplant, outside patio container, containerized specimen which prefers a shallow, ceremic pot
Growing Guides:Adenium or Sabi Star
Ships:6" pot
Shipping Schedule:NonZoned- Ships Mid May

Because they can tolerate dry conditions, these are well-suited for the home environment. They need good light to thrive, so direct sunlight is preferable. In fact, the hotter the better, so take them outside during the summer months to be exposed to the full direct sunlight. This will be important to their active growth phase during the summer months. Soil moisture is also another factor to consider. Their common name, Desert Rose, speaks to their ability to thrive with less water. These can tolerate higher moisture levels without harming the plant, as long as the temperatures are warm. As a general rule, be sure to let the soil dry out in between waterings and then thoroughly saturate the potting mix. However, do not over-water these when they are in their inactive growth phase during the winter months. During the slow growth time of year, it is best to water these sparingly and err on the dry side. Once the temperatures increases and new growth is visible, increase the amount of water. A good rule to remember when growing these is that high temperatures and full sun require more water and in cooler temperatures, the plants need less water. Like a piece of artwork in your home, even when not flowering it is still a masterpiece.

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