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Quick Fruiting Meyer Lemon Patio Tree 1 pc. (Ships Mid May)

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Enjoy fragrant white blooms and tasty lemons right from your patio with this choice 1 pc. Quick Fruiting Meyer Lemon Patio Tree. The Meyer Lemon is a cross between an orange and a lemon. It will provide abundant fruit that are rounder, thinner-skinned, more orange in color and considerably less acidic than regular lemons. For that reason, it is sought after by all the top restaurants around the world. Bushy, branchy and nearly ever-bearing and repeatedly blooming year round make this long-lived plant a must have heirloom. Due to state regulations shipping fruit trees into the following states are prohibited- AK, HI, CA, TX, FL, AZ, PR, VI, GU


Botanical Name:Citrus limon
Common Name:Meyer Lemon
Hardiness Zone:9-11: Cold Tolerance: 40F
Sun Shade:Full to Partial Sun
SKU:R61274 / Annual-Tropical (90 Day Warranty)
Bloom Time:Repeated blooms year round- fruit the 2nd Season
Cultivar:Meyer Lemon (cannot ship to FL, AZ, CA, TX)
HT/WD:3-5 ft / 3 ft
Uses:potted patio plant outside in summer and inside in winter, containers, juices used in preparing cold beverages and cooking
Growing Guides:Meyer Lemon Tree
Ships:1/2 gallon pot
Shipping Schedule:NonZoned - Mid May
Restrictions:Cannot ship to AK, HI, CA, TX, FL, AZ, PR, VI, GU

Anyone and everyone in America can enjoy these outside in the summer and inside in the winter. Outside this summer your plant will start to produce intoxicatingly fragrant flowers that will turn into delicious plump fruits inside your home by late summer and fall, this very year! This is an ever blooming tree, meaning once you have that first crop, you will always have a combination of flowers and fruits on your trees at any given time. We’ve worked with our growers to create this perfect citrus that stays small in a small pot and grows large in a large pot. Any way you look at it, this Meyer Lemon Patio Tree is the perfect addition to every patio in America because now you can grow your very own citrus and enjoy the fruits of your labor every single year, with almost no effort. Plus their special root-stock produces vigorous plants that grow, bloom, and fruit twice as fast as those without beginning the first season in some cases, but the second for sure!

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Needs Consistency when watering. Do not water if soil is dry without checking the soil at root level. Stick finger 3" down into soil, if dry water deeply. If wilted tree perks up in 24 hours after watering indicates roots got too dry. Yellow or cupped leaves indicates excessive watering and soggy roots, water less. Thorns: juvenile fruiting wood has thorns. As it matures, they will not appear as often. Prune them off. 

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