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Easy and Maintenance Free Beautiful Air Plant Collection 4 pc.

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Roberta’s Air Plant Collection brings the easiest to care for plants that we’ve ever offered before! No planting, no watering, no pruning, no weeding – the only thing you need to do is mist your Air Plants once a week with a small hand mister, or soak in water for an hour twice a month. Air Plants are plants that naturally grow off the branches of trees, looking as if they are inhabitants of the air and come from warm weather regions of the world such as Mexico.

Botanical Name:Tillandsia bulbosa, Tillandsia ionantha rubra, Tillandsia juncifolia, Tillandsia caput medusae
Common Name:Air Plant, Sky Plant, Octopus Plant
Hardiness Zone:10-11: Cold Tolerance: 40F
Sun Shade:Bright Light
SKU:R67125 / Houseplant (90 Day)
Bloom Time:N/A
Cultivar:Tillandsia bulbosa (Air Plant) , Tillandsia ionantha rubra (Sky Plant) Tillandsia juncifolia (Air Plant Guatemala) , Tillandsia caput medusae (Octopus Plant)
HT/WD:3-6 in / 3-6 in
Special:Heat tolerable; super-easy low maintenance; versatile and great for creative pots on your patio; evergreen all year round
Uses:container, desk plant, centerpieces, hanging from the ceiling, mixed into your houseplant garden, or simply stuck into fun garden ornaments
Growing Guides:Airplant Houseplants
Ships:4 bare-roots unlabeled and mixed together in one bag
Shipping Schedule:NonZoned- Ships Early May

Roberta's air plants are not the typical varieties you will find at your local nurseries as this collection includes 4 distinct and different varieties with vast, bold colorations making them a huge conversation piece in the home! No small, dainty plants either as they will stretch across 4-5 inches and are so versatile inside the home or in any creative container piece on your patio. This collection includes an assortment of different air plants in various shades of green from a cool minty green to a rich forest green. This is the perfect plant for those of us that want something easy yet graceful and beautiful for years and years. Great as a desk plant without fear of getting any water or soil on your precious computer or papers; hanging from the ceiling; on elegant pedestal; mixed into your houseplant garden; bringing life into your bathroom; stuck into fun garden ornaments; or simply as a coffee table centerpiece.

More Information
General Product information
  • Can survive with water misting and occasional bath
  • Never plant in soil
  • Needs bright, filtered light
  • When you first receive plant, soak for 20-30 minutes
  • Tip them upside down and lay on towel to dry completly 
  • Fertilize with a minisal pinch of Roberta's Bounty in mister
  • Bulbosa variety like a glass globe as a home
  • Very slow growers
  • If air plant turns white, it is not mold or fungus.  These are Trichomes that absorb water and nutrients
  • Long roots can be removed
  • Non-toxic to cats and dogs
  • Only water during the day hours
  • Needs good air circulation


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