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Easy Elegance® Sweet Fragrance Shrub Rose Choice of Apricot, Red or Yellow 1 pc.

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Easy Elegance® Rose Color Choice- Red, Ylw. or Coral R67227

Easy Elegance® Roses are just that, truly elegant, yet remarkably easy roses to grow. Perfect for those that have been too scared to grow roses before. These fast growing varieties combine the best growth habit of any roses, the shrub roses, with varieties that are renowned for their exceptional flowers. The result is a perfect shrub with gorgeous, fragrant multipetaled roses.

Botanical Name:Rosa 'BAInce', Rosa 'BAltown', and Rosa 'BALoad'
Common Name:Easy Elegance® Shrub Rose
Hardiness Zone:5-9: Cold Tolerance: -20F
Sun Shade:Full Sun
SKU:R67227 / Perennial
Bloom Time:Summer through Fall- 2nd Season
Cultivar:Easy Elegance® Apricot, Paint the Town Red, Yellow Brick Road
HT/WD:3-4 feet / 2-3 feet
Uses:Landscapes, garden or borders, containers
Growing Guides:Easy Elegance Rose
Ships:1 gallon pot
Shipping Schedule:Zone Map

Easy Elegance® Roses are some of the most disease-resistant roses that are very cold hardy and durable, traits that not many roses can boast all at the same time. That means a reliable rose that doesn’t need harsh chemicals or challenging winter protection. But the real fun is in the flowers! Included are the two best: Easy Elegance® Yellow Brick Road – compact shrub rose adorned with clusters of pale yellow blooms. Deliciously fragrant Easy Elegance® Paint the Town – hybrid tea shaped blooms in classic red Sturdy stems hold clusters of 3-4” tea-shaped buds with a sweet sugary fragrance. Wonderful long bloom season for up to 5 months, starting in June and easily lasting till November or whenever the first hard frost arrives.

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Before old man winter sits in, simply apply a small layer of mulch, leaves or straw around the base of the shrub, which is just above where the roots meet the soil to give some protection in case you get a severe cold snap with no snow cover to provide insulation. Here are som additional rose tips you may wish to perform to help ensure the best results. Stop fertilizing your shrub roses by the end of July, if you are fertilizing at all. Also, stop deadheading rose by August or September to allow the stems to harden and form hips. If you deadhead too late, the frost can be damage and even kill the stem. If you have an overly dry summer, be sure that your roses are well watered going into fall. Easy Elagance® roses are grown on their own root, so even if they experience an unusually cold winter season that causes dieback, they'll return the following spring. 

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