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Beautiful Jumbo Gerber Daisy 3 pc.

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Beautiful Jumbo Gerber Daisy 3 pc. R66926

Now you can make your average gardens super every year with Roberta’s 3 Pc Jumbo patio Gerber Daisies. These are Jumbo Gerbers Daisies that will brighten up and fill your flowerbeds with super, bright color all summer long. Gerber Daisies are one of the absolute most popular flowers across the globe. We have compiled the very best varieties in this collection and they will provide 3 months of outstanding color throughout summer with no maintenance at all. The flowers emerge late spring and last till the first frost. The flowers are very large, stretching 4-5" across in 3 lovely colors, making your flowerbeds the brightest in the neighborhood!

Botanical Name:Gerbera Garvinea
Common Name:Gerber Daisy
Hardiness Zone:10-11: Cold Tolerance: 45
Sun Shade:Full Sun to Partial Sun
SKU:R66926 / Annual (90 Day)
Bloom Time:Late Spring to Early Fall
Cultivar:Jumbo Patio Series 3 Pc-1 Capital Reef (pink with white) Painted Desert (sunny side yellow) Volcanoes (red with yellow)
HT/WD:16-20 in / 16-20 in
Special:Attracts Butterflies & Hummingbirds, Deer Resistant, Rabbit Resistant
Uses:patio pots, in sunny beds and borders, cut flowers
Growing Guides:Annual Gerbera Daisies
Ships:2.5" square x 3" deep
Shipping Schedule:Zone Map

With their short 16-20 inch compact habit, enjoy Gerber Daisies year after year in patio pots or planted in sunny beds and borders. One collection will fill in about a 5’ border by the end of the season – let them be the focal point of your garden. What’s even better is that you can happily enjoy beautiful cut Gerber daisies inside the home just like always, except with these plants you can expect quick regrowth of flowers on your plants! These delightful Gerber daisies are also ideal for a fabulous cut flower display indoors. They produce numerous flowers with each plant and they're wonderfully attractive to pollinators. Expect many blooms per plant the entire season from late spring through the 1st frost. These varieties enjoy full to partial sun in containers and in the garden. These 3 special varieties offer bright flower colors, long blooming season, large 4-5" flowers, fast growth, along with a thick, squatty and compact nature. This collection series have varieties include 1 each Capital Reef ( rich magenta pink with white fringing and a verdant eye) Painted Desert (sunny side egg yellow central petals surrounded by canary outer petals and a deep dark eye) Volcanoes (outer petals feature lava red coloring with a bright yellow mid-section and dark eye.

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