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Phillip Watson Designs All Season Long Beefsteak Tomatoes 3 pc.

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PWD - All Season Long Beefsteak Tomatoes 3 pc. R67342

What is more delicious that juicy beefsteak tomatoes right off the vine?! Nothing.Except having three different beefsteak tomatoes to enjoy that last all summer long. This collection includes three unique, tasty beefsteak tomatoes that will produce loads and loads of large beefsteak tomatoes.

Botanical Name:Solanum lycopersicum
Common Name:Beefsteak Tomato
Hardiness Zone:9-11: Cold Tolerance: 35F
Sun Shade:Full Sun
SKU:R67342 / Annual (90 day warranty)
Bloom Time:Fruits in Summer
Cultivar:All Beefsteak Tomatoes - 1 each: Chef’s Choice Big Yellow, Darkstar (Purple), and Red Truck
HT/WD:4-5 ft / 2-3 ft
Special:AAS- Award winning variety in the group; juicy and homegrown flavor right from your backyard; 3 terrific varying types of beefsteaks; loads of large beefsteak tomatoes all summer
Uses:Vegetable gardens, containers
Growing Guides:All Season Long Beefsteak Tomatoes
Ships:2.5" square by 3" deep pot
Shipping Schedule:Zone Map

Tomato plants are some of the easiest plants to grow – give them lots of sun, water and fertilizer and they’ll reward you with tasty treats. Chef’s Choice, is a hybrid yellow slicing tomato from the All-America Selections 2018 award winner Chef's Choice Yellow. It has just the right balance of sweetness to acidity making this a prime selection for your vegetable garden or patio containers this summer! It has large 8 oz. bright yellow-orange fruit on this 5’ indeterminate tomato. Big Red Truck has glorious beefsteak tomatoes that will ripen towards the end of summer. Heavy fruit may require staking on this variety though. Dark Star is rather more difficult to find, but it features rich purple colored beefsteaks with flavor reminiscent of heirlooms. It's got huge 8-10 oz. fruit.

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