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Angel's Perfume Citronella Geraniums 6 Pc

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These new Angel's Perfume Citronella Geranium bring a better version of our favorite Citronella Geranium with an exceptional rounded habit and vivid flowers

Botanical Name:Pelargonium citrosum
Common Name:Citronella Geranium
Hardiness Zone:9-10; Cold Tolerance: 40F
Sun Shade:Full to Partial Sun
SKU:R71911/ Annual (90 day)
Bloom Time:Summer
Cultivar:Lemon or citronella scented Geranium
HT/WD:10-18" / 10-12", space 12 inches apart
Uses:Centerpiece for patios, sunny windowsills, containers, bedding plant, or annual border and garden, use the foliage to keep summer biting bugs away
Growing Guides:Citronella Scented Geraniums
Ships:2.5" square by 3" deep pot
Shipping Schedule:Zone Map

Angel's Perfume Citronella Geranium are some of the best geranium to grow on our patios and porches to bring a long season of beauty. Reaching full growth very quickly, they fill out the containers with bright green lacy foliage that has a scent reminiscent of citronella. By rubbing the foliage you can release the fragrance into the air, or by rubbing the foliage on your skin you can add the oil to yourself, with the hopes of keeping some of the summer's pesky mosquitoes at bay. They also produce brilliant purple maroon flowers for a good portion of the summer. These sun loving plants are low maintenance and will bring beauty and life wherever you grow them. When grown in containers, you can easily overwinter them by placing them in a sheltered location throughout winter.

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