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Colorful and Charming Songbird Series Columbine 4 pc.

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Colorful and Charming Songbird Series Columbine 4 pc. R67143

Old-fashioned, enchanted, and precious are oftentimes adjectives used to describe Columbines. Which is exactly why this sturdy perennial continues to be a garden favorite. But when varieties such as Roberta’s 4 pc Songbird Series Columbines are bred, the old world and new world coalesce to create something for the garden that retains the traditional charm but brings about unique garden performance for the modern day gardener looking for ease, accessibility, and loads of colorful flowers. At the same time, you’ll be gaining an edge over every other garden in town that will be wondering why your columbines are so much nicer than theirs, with larger flowers, longer lasting flowers, more colors, bushier growth, and sturdier stems.

Botanical Name:Aquilegia hybrids
Common Name:Songbird Series Columbines
Hardiness Zone:3-9: Cold Tolerance: -40F
Sun Shade:Full, Part Sun
SKU:R67143 / Perennial
Bloom Time:Late Spring to Early Summer
Cultivar:Songbird Series: 1 each of Bluebird, Cardinal, Robin (pink), and Nightingale (purple)
HT/WD:20-28 in / 18-24 in
Uses:woodland gardens, partially shaded areas, mass plantings where they can naturalize freely, borders, perennial garden, containers, cut flowers
Growing Guides:Songbird Series Columbine
Ships:3.5" square x 4" deep
Shipping Schedule:Zone Map

Columbines are often recognized as a wildflower growing in the northern part of the country or Rockies where they naturally occur. And while Roberta’s Songbird Columbines are indeed brethren of those wildflowers, their exceptional breed has solved all of the problems that would generally occur with most columbines. The Songbird Series offers four incredibly bright colored flowers that are remarkably large, almost four inches across, or about two to three times as big as most varieties. Also, these large blossoms sit atop tall sturdy stems that once established will likely never need the assistance of stakes, whereas many small flowered columbines require stakes and/or string. Furthermore, the Songbirds possess dense flowering rather than a few sparse flowers scattered about. The Songbirds will sing their sweet blooms for a long duration from late spring into summer each season. Roberta’s 4 pc Songbird Columbine Collection is comprised of bushy columbines that grow roughly two feet tall and wide with upward facing flowers that are all multi-dimensional and multi-colored – a few of the reasons why they’re a perfect flower. Bluebird is a fantastic sky blue with contrasting white petals; Cardinal boasts rose and white blooms; Robin’s scarlet and cream flowers are a dream; and Nightingale brings a traditional violet flower. This collection is sure to bring about the romanticist in us all.

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General Product information
  • Slef-seeding
  • Grows in a bushy, upright clump
  • Do not let the soil dry out
  • Cut to the ground when foliage declines around mid-summer
  • Contact with sap may irritate skin
  • Can be toxic to cats, dogs and horses
  • Can be an irritant if humans ingest
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