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Hardy Chicago Fig Tree 2 pc.

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This 2 pc. Hardy Bensonhurst Purple Fig has a savor-sweet, dark-mahogany fruit with rich, red flesh. It is indigenous to Mt. Etna, Sicily, where the variety is known to have been growing at about 3000 feet above sea level. It gained a reputation in New York and Chicago where cuttings somehow made their way to the U.S. with the help of an Italian gardener. The tree flourishes despite the harsh winters. Perhaps the coldest, hardy fig ever discovered, it will yield large amounts of fruit in the garden or dwarfed in containers.

Botanical Name:Ficus carica
Common Name:Hardy Chicago Fig
Hardiness Zone:5-11; Cold Tolerance: -10F in the ground and 0F in pots
Sun Shade:Full to Partial
SKU:R61282 / Perennial
Bloom Time:Fruits in mid to late Summer- 2nd season
Cultivar:Chicago Fig
HT/WD:6-8 feet in garden; 4-5 feet in containers / 5-6 feet
Special:Most cold hardy fig discovered; large yields of plump, juicy figs from both old and new wood; vigorous and very fast growing; long-lived heirloom is winter-hardy to -10F; deer resistant
Uses:container, garden
Growing Guides:Hardy Chicago Fig
Ships:3.5" square by 4" deep pot
Shipping Schedule:Zone 3, 4: Early September; Zone 5, 6, 7: Mid September; Zone 8, 9, 10, 11: Late Sept. to Early Oct.

Their plump, juicy, healthy fruit is great for eating right off the tree, added to morning oatmeal, wrapped in prosciutto or cheese, tossed into salads, or as an elegant addition to any meal or dessert. Their sweet and savory flavor, along with their texture is somewhere between a peach, pear and a strawberry with undertones of vanilla. No more need to worry about the multitude of sprays that expensive store bought figs incur during cultivation. Your crops will put to shame any store bought fresh figs in flavor and quality. They are quite vigorous and can grow three feet per year up to maximum of eight feet tall in the garden. In pots they grow according to pot size. Easy pickings! This long-lived plant is a must have heirloom for everyone. It is recommended to prune every year to 30 inches or less for much maximum production. No matter how cold it gets, this fast growing, low maintenance fig plant won’t let you down. It is an excellent lush showpiece with beautiful three-pronged foliage suitable for every garden with the huge added benefit of effortlessly producing bounties of sweet fruits every year.

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