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Tasty Tuscan Trio Tomato-Oregano-Basil 6 pc.- Asst.

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Tuscan Trio Tomato-Oregano-Basil 6 pc. Asst. R71905

Bring the taste of Italy to your very own back yard, deck, or patio. This collection is all about growing your own vegetables so you can enjoy the flavors of Italy from your own kitchen. Grow your own tomatoes, oregano, and basil to get the very best taste possible. Each of these varieties in this collection are renowned for their taste, compact growth, plentiful bounty, and rapid production. Something every Italian grandmother would love.

Botanical Name:Solanum lycopersicon, Origanum vulgare, Ocimum basilicum
Common Name:Vegetables - Home Grown Patio Goodies
Hardiness Zone:9-11: Cold Tolerance: 30F
Sun Shade:Full Sun
SKU:R71905 / Annual (90 day warranty)
Bloom Time:Fruits in Summer
Cultivar:2 each: Little Napoli Tomato, Italian Oregano, Dolce Fresca Basil
HT/WD:Tomato- 12-18" / 24-36"; Oregano- 3-5" / 12-18"; Dolce Fresca Basil- 12-14" / 12-14"
Uses:Containers, Kitchen Garden
Growing Guides:Tuscan Trio
Ships:2.5 inch pot
Shipping Schedule:Zone Map

Little Napoli is a compact, bushy roma tomato that yields loads of small tomatoes making it a great choice for containers and raised beds. If you love making sauces, and pastes, but don't have a lot of room, then this is the best choice for you. This determinate type tomato will produce a large amount of fruit faster than other varieties. Italian oregano is one of the tastiest oreganos you can grow with slightly spicier flavoring lends itself well to all your roasted and grilled foods. It's a first rate container plant. Basil is an easy to grow herb, beloved by gardeners around the country and Dolce Fresca is one of the finest types we've come across. This variety of basil has a traditional sweet flavor and will be excellent paired with your tomatoes, marinara, pesto, or any other recipe calling for basil. This is the best basil we've seen for containers because it looks gorgeous even in late summer and tastes so great. It was awarded the All-American Selection (AAS) Vegetable winner in 2015. Many basil plants look tattered in containers by summer's end, but not with this superior variety.

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