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Fragrant Proven Winner At Last® Rose Coral 1 pc.

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Welcome to a new era in the world of Roses! Roses were initially prized for their beautiful flowers and intoxicating fragrance. But over the years hybridizers lost either the flower power or fragrance in exchange for garden performance. Now you don’t have to choose! Because at last, there is a rose with it all.

Botanical Name:Rosa 'BAInce'
Common Name:Rose
Hardiness Zone:5-9: Cold Tolerance: -20
Sun Shade:Full Sun
SKU:R67201 / Perennial
Bloom Time:Summer to Fall
Cultivar:At Last® Rose (Sunset-Orange)
HT/WD:30-36 in / 30-36 in, space 3 feet apart
Special:Fragrant, Attracts Butterflies & Hummingbirds, Deer Resistant
Uses:Landscapes, garden or borders, containers
Growing Guides:At Last Rose
Ships:1 gallon pot
Shipping Schedule:Zone Map

At Last Rose® has the performance like our favorite landscape roses that flower from late spring to autumn, but they also have incredible double petaled flowers that are also fragrant! No crazy pesticide regiment is needed to get these babies to perform how you want, no worries about disease, and no fussy pruning. Glossy foliage with a rounded habit makes them perfect for the garden or landscape. Flowers are a sunset-orange with a delicious fruity fragrance and bloom from late spring to frost.

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General Product information
  • Thrives with at lesat 6 hours of full sun a day (as few as 4 in hot climates)
  • Ensure there is good air movement between plants with at least 3 ft spacing
  • Apply Roberta's Bounty in the Spring and repeat once a month after first bloom
  • Does not need deadheading
  • Prune in early Spring , just as new growth appears
  • Remove thinnist part of stem, cutting off just above where a nice bud is emerging
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