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Phillip Watson Designs Holiday Cactus 2 pc. Assortment (Ships Nov. 30th)

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Christmas Cactus Assortment 2 pc. R69925

This holiday cactus collection features some cacti displaying bright color for a long period in later winter through early spring just when you really need some color in the home from those long dreary winter days. Finding good indoor flowering plants is no easy task, but the indoor winter/Christmas cactus is amongst the best. We’ve paired the Christmas cactus in both red and white with a red and pink early spring flowering cactus. This unique color combination will provide tremendous color on some of the easiest to grow plants. Each pot will contain a different color combination- 1 pot contains a red Spring cactus with a red Winter cactus and then the other pot has a pink Spring cactus paired with a Winter cactus.

Botanical Name:Schlumbergera
Common Name:Christmas Cactus
Hardiness Zone:10-11; Cold Tolerance: 45F
Sun Shade:Partial / Diffused Sun indoors
SKU:R69925 / Tropical (90 day warranty)
Bloom Time:Winter through Spring- 2nd Season
Cultivar:1 red and 1 pink Christmas Cactus
HT/WD:10-12 inches / 8-12 inches
Special:Free flowering habit; reliable, bringing cheerful holiday color inside the home; sweeping, thorn-less branches are nice for elevated containers; evergreen cacti; easily propagated; extended blooming period with large flowers
Uses:houseplant, hanging baskets, sun porches, year-round in warm winter gardens, elevated pots
Growing Guides:Christmas Cactus
Ships:3.5" square by 4" deep pot
Shipping Schedule:Ships the week of Nov. 30th and not with the Zone Map

These cacti are renowned for being low maintenance and having the ability to withstand just about any conditions, including extreme dryness. These cacti are thorn-free possessing a free flowering habit allowing them to provide months of color beginning the second season. They require low maintenance and are easily propagated from their tip cuttings like most succulents while being capable of living for decades on end, they will be passed on in the family for generations.

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