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Impressive Foliage Fancy Leafed Heirloom Geranium 6 pc.

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Impressive Foliage Fancy Leafed Heirloom Geranium 6 pc. R67163

When it comes to adding plants to your garden, never forget that flowers last a short time while foliage lasts much longer! So adding in plants with unique, colorful, fancy foliage is something every gardener needs to do. No plants have impressive foliage quite like the fancy leaf geranium – multiple layers of colors, lavishly lobed leaf, and elegant airy form make the fancy leaf geranium part of any sophisticated garden.

Botanical Name:Pelargonium interspecific
Common Name:Annual Geraniums
Hardiness Zone:9-11: Cold Tolerance: 35F
Sun Shade:Full to Partial Shade
SKU:R67163 / Annual (90 Day)
Bloom Time:Summer
Cultivar:2 Each: Mrs. Pollock (Salmon) Vancouver Centennial (Red-Orange) Wilhelm Langguth (Cherry Red)
HT/WD:12-15 in / 12-18 in, space 18" apart
Special:Attracts Butterflies & Hummingbirds, Drought Tolerant, Heat Tolerant
Uses:garden or border, combination plantings, hanging baskets, window boxes, and great for cutting
Growing Guides:Fancy Leafed Geraniums
Ships:2.5" square x 3" deep
Shipping Schedule:Zone Map

These bushy plants look fantastic from spring to fall and can be overwintered easily by just bringing the plants indoors before the first frost. Our selection brings some of the most intricate, colorful and fastest growing of all the fancy leaf geranium. All three varieties are quite drought tolerant as well. Mrs Pollock: exceptional tri-color foliage features mint green in the middle with a band of burgundy and an outer layer of creamy white on the edges Salmon colored flowers grace the plants all summer Excellent in containers or directly in the garden borders Vancouver Centennial: Mounds of foliage that resemble small maple leaves in two tone colors of bronze and gold Winner of RHS AGM award Red-orange starry flowers bloom all summer Plant in patio containers, window boxes or mixed with your annual flowers Wilhelm Langguth: vibrant green foliage features round lobes and elegant silvery edging Clusters of cherry red flowers bloom all summer Favorite for bedding due to its incredible garden performance. Also great in pots on the front steps or porch.

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