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ITOH Peony Choice of Bartzella Yellow, First Arrival Purple or Scarlet Heaven Red 1 pc.

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ITOH Peony Choice-Bart. Yw-Frst Arriv. Purp.-Scarlet Hvn R67202

This 1 pc. Intersectional ITOH Hybrid Peony is one of the plant worlds most prized possessions over the last 60 years. After 20,000 attempts in 1948, Toichi Itoh succeeded in producing the first successful cross between the Dutch garden peony, Tibetan tree peony and Chinese tree peony. It was many more decades later that they were available to the public, and even now with very limited availability. Ornamentally, they produce the best of all worlds with large 8 -10 inch flowers, with a fragrance sweet and enticing, flower count of 30-50 blossoms per plant, thick long-lived disease free foliage, vigorous growth from below the ground, ability to thrive in warm and cold winter areas and tolerance of heat and humidity during summers! Your choice of First Arrival, Bartzella or Scarlet Heaven.

Botanical Name:Paeonia lactiflora x lute x suffruticosa
Common Name:ITOH Peony
Hardiness Zone:4-9: Cold Tolerance: -30F
Sun Shade:Full or Partial Sun
SKU:R67202 / Perennial
Bloom Time:Late Spring-Early Summer 2nd Season
Cultivar:Color choice of Bartzella Yellow, First Arrival Purple, Scarlet Heaven Red
HT/WD:36 in / 36 in
Uses:garden, border, landscaping, large containers
Growing Guides:Ito Hybrid Peony
Ships:1 gallon pot
Shipping Schedule:Zone Map

During their dormant season, the ITOH or Intersectional hybrids retain only extremely short (1"-2") woody stems above ground level. Strong healthy plants form attractive, dense, neat rounded bushes which are shorter in stature than most tree peonies. Flowers are displayed above the handsome foliage that remains greener longer than their herbaceous parents. Intersectional hybrids are somewhat hardier than tree peonies and more tolerant of heat and humidity which extends their ornamental potential in both the north and south. Country of Origin: USA

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General Product information
  • Cross between Garden Peony, Tibetan Tree Peony and Chinese Tree Peony
  • Prune in late Autumn, 4-6" to the soil line
  • Toxic to cats, dogs and horses
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