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Large Leafed Hosta Collection 3 pc.

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Large Leafed Hosta Collection 3 pc. R310419

Hostas are a favorite tried-and-true garden staple across the country and with good reason. Because there is simply no other shade loving plant around that brings so much lushness to a garden coupled with a versatility suited for every flowerbed in America. This large-sized hosta assortment includes 3 large varieties diverse in color and style further enhancing your shade garden beyond compare. This assortment includes 1 each of Northern Exposure, Blue Angel, and Dream Weaver which are all bagged and labeled separately.

Botanical Name:Hosta
Common Name:Plantain Lily
Hardiness Zone:3-10; Cold Tolerance: -30F
Sun Shade:Shade to Partial Sun
SKU:R310419 / Perennial
Bloom Time:Mid Summer- 2nd Season
Cultivar:Large Hosta Asst. 1 each: Blue Angel (giant sized blue w/ white flowers), Northern Exposure (blue-green foliage w/ cream margin), and Dream Weaver (round, corrugated leaves w/ white center)
HT/WD:30-32 in / 5-6 ft, space 6' apart
Special:Bold statement in the shade garden; thick, highly textured and corrugated leaves are slug resistant; lavender blooms during the summer; attracts hummingbirds; drought tolerant once established
Uses:Massed in a woodland border, shady areas around your home, walkways, en mass around trees, shade gardens or partly sunny areas
Growing Guides:Hosta
Ships:#1 bare-root
Shipping Schedule:Zone Map

Northern Exposure is a large hosta displaying huge 13" broadly ovate leaves in blue-green coloring with wide cream margins. It's a sport of classic sieboldiana 'Elegans' and is highly slug resistant with its thick, corrugated foliage. It sends up white flowers on tall 42" scapes in early to midsummer. Blue Angel, one of the very best large blue hostas, showcases its pointy blue-green leaves which are wavy and corrugated. It has bell-shaped, white flowers in midsummer. Best blue foliage color occurs in light shade with tolerance for some morning sun. Dream Weaver has very large, distinctive leaves that are nearly round and are also corrugated. The leaves are blue-green and sharply contrasting with its creamy white centers. In midsummer, white flowers appear on 26" scapes. This premium hosta is a sport of H. 'Great Expectations' and has exemplary garden presence and performance, fantastic appeal in the garden, superior leaf substance, and a high resistance to common garden pests.

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