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Native Butterfly Bouquet Asclepia 6 pc.

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Native Butterfly Bouquet Asclepias 6 pc. R71749

Roberta’s 6 piece Native Asclepias Butterfly Bouquet is a winter hardy gem that blooms forth bouquets of beautiful rosy pink, shimmering white, and blazing orange flowers from mid-summer through fall. These perennials are known to attract monarch butterflies and hummingbirds galore! You will love the wildflower majesty of your Asclepias as they fill in your perennial gardens, meadows, or sunny borders. Asclepias is the only plant that acts as a host for the popular Monarch butterflies. These plants can help bring the population of monarchs back into good standing. Cinderella’s rich rosy pink flowers stand tall and erect growing about three to four feet tall atop dark green foliage. Tuberosa Orange produces large 6” vibrant orange flower umbels; you can expect up to twenty stems covered in flowers once your plants have fully matured. Ice Ballet produces beautiful white bloom clusters that produce a stark contrast to the bright green leaves. All three varieties are irresistible to butterflies, but are also equally irresistible to humans as they are wonderful cut flowers that last a long time in the vase.

Botanical Name:Asclepia curassavica and incarnata
Common Name:Butterfly weed, Swamp Milkweed
Hardiness Zone:3-9: Cold Tolerance: -30F
Sun Shade:Full Sun to Part Sun
SKU:R67127 / Perennial
Bloom Time:July-September
Cultivar:2 Each: Tuberosa Orange, Cinderella Pink, Ice Ballet White
HT/WD:30-40 In / 20-30 in, space 24" apart
Uses:Butterfly gardens, wildflower meadows, cottage gardens, sunny borders, gardens, containers, cut flowers
Growing Guides:Asclepias Butterfly Bouquet
Ships:2.5" square x 3" deep
Shipping Schedule:Zone Map

Also known as butterfly bouquet, Roberta’s Asclepias collection produces large clumping flower heads that effervesce with an aroma similar to that of our favorite butterfly bushes, a wonderful floral vanilla fragrance. If you’ve ever wanted a butterfly garden, this collection is the perfect starting point. And these native perennials are winter hardy to -30F making them suitable for gardens just about anywhere in the continental US; not to mention once they are established, they are some of the most heat resistant plants in the garden. Roberta’s Asclepias are also courageously strong plants with thick, sturdy stems that can be used to support other weaker stemmed perennials in your garden. This six piece collection is a must have for every aspiring Cottage Garden or Meadow Garden bringing you effortless plants that thrive just about everywhere in America and blooming dense, fragrant flower clusters for a good long time every single summer.

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