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Phillip Watson Designs Jade Houseplant 2 pc.

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For PWD’s first house plant collection, he is offering a true winner, beloved Jade. Jade is one of the best, easiest to grow house plants that grows well in any house. Over time your Jade plants will resemble miniature trees in the homes creating a unique look and energy beloved by both men and women. As a succulent, Jade requires nothing more than a brightly lit space in the home and low water needs. With that combination it will grow for decades.

Botanical Name:Crassula ovata
Common Name:Jade Plant
Hardiness Zone:9-11: Cold Tolerance: 45F
Sun Shade:Bright/Diffused Sun
SKU:R69930 / Tender Perennial (90 Day)
Bloom Time:Autumn- 2nd Season
Cultivar:Jade Plant
HT/WD:1-2 feet / 1-2 feet
Special:Succulent, easy to grow and maintain houseplant; looks like miniature trees inside the home and lasts for many years; heat tolerant
Growing Guides:Jade Plant
Ships:3.5" square x 4" deep
Shipping Schedule:Ships the week of Sept. 7th and not withZone Map

While it's the striking structure and foliage of the plant that gardeners love about Jade, these plants will also produce lovely white flowers every so often in Autumn. For many years Jade has been called the money plant because the foliage is in the shape of coins and as such it was thought that having this plant in the home would bring good fortune. It has been a wonderful plant to give as a gift for this reason. This plant is perfect to be kept indoors year round, or alternatively keep it outside during the warm months when nights stay above 45F. If you live where winters always stay warm, you can keep it outside all year round.

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