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Hummingbird Campsis Trumpet Vine 2 pc.

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Campsis Trumpet Vine 2 pc. Assortment R338792

This 2 pc. Water-Wise Hummingbird Vine will sound off with bright, colorful clusters of flowers in late summer like few other vines can. It is one of the fastest growing flowering vines in the garden world. Love that! It has more flowers than green leaves. Love that! It grows up, down, sideways anywhere and everywhere attaching itself without bother and without thorns. Love that! It is drought tolerant, extremely cold hardy, grows in warm climates and attracts hummingbirds for nesting. Love that!

Botanical Name:Campsis radicans
Common Name:Hummingbird Vine, Campsis, Trumpet Vine
Hardiness Zone:4-10; Cold Tolerance: -30F
Sun Shade:Full Sun
SKU:R338792 / Perennial
Bloom Time:Mid Summer to Autumn- 2nd Season
Cultivar:1 each Salmon (orangish-red) and Apricot (yellow)
HT/WD:6' in 1st year; 15-35' in 3rd year; 2-4 ft at maturity
Special:Bright, colorful clusters of flowers; more flowers than green leaves; attracts hummingbirds for nesting; fast growing flowering vines; no thorns
Uses:wall, trellis, pergola, post or fence growing vertically and laterally, large containers
Growing Guides:Trumpet Campsis
Ships:3.5" square by 4" deep pot
Shipping Schedule:NonZoned: Ships Late April

These steadfast old world varieties quickly deliver color and growth, with exceptionally large and thick flowers.Thriving in the far north or south, masses of glowing color burst onto the scene heaviest in mid-summer (July) through late autumn (October)! Hardy and trouble free in any sunny location, its brightly colored flowers and nectar-rich blooms will regularly attract attention of hummingbirds. Give them plenty of room to grow. Depending on your pruning, they will grow 15-30 feet tall in about 3 years! As a climber, they will fasten themselves to a wall, trellis, pergola, post or fence growing vertically and laterally. During the growing season, pinch back vines from time to time to assure dense growth. NO THORNS!

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