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Great Myrtle® Winter Hardy Color Choice 1 pc.

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Great Myrtle ® Winter Hardy Color Choice 1 pc. R71936

This collection brings an entirely new take to one of our favorite plants, the Crape Myrtle. Traditionally crape myrtle grows into large trees or shrubs in warm weather regions. This 'Great Myrtle' brings a small, dwarf size shrub to the garden with the same flower power, and with more cold hardiness.

Botanical Name:Lagerstroemia indica
Common Name:Greatmyrtle
Hardiness Zone:6-11: Cold Tolerance: -5F
Sun Shade:Full Sun
SKU:R71936 / Perennial
Bloom Time:Summer
Cultivar:Greatmyrtle® Cherry Red, Cotton Candy soft pink, French Vanilla White
HT/WD:2-4' / 2-4', space 4' apart
Uses:Small Shrub, Garden Beds
Growing Guides:Crape Myrtle Great Myrtle
Ships:1 gallon pot
Shipping Schedule:Zone Map

Great Myrtle' is a new style of crape myrtle so more people can enjoy this wonderful plant. Traditionally crape myrtle is a plant in the warm regions of the country and grows into large trees or shrubs, that not all gardens have room for. With Great Myrtle, this plant remains smaller and compact, but still produces the lovely papery flowers in rich colors every year like we love. And because it is compact, it will flower much earlier than other crape myrtle. This selection is also more winter hardy than ever before, so gardeners further north can finally enjoy a crape myrtle in their own garden. Choose between Cherry Red, Cotton Candy Pink, and Vanilla White.

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