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Pollen Free Multi-Petaled Oriental Roselily 8 pc.

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Pollen Free Multi-Petaled Oriental Roselily Asst. R61797

This brand new collection of Pollen Free, multi-petaled Oriental Roselilies is one of the foremost lilies to have been created in many years and can be found practically nowhere else in the United States. The unique collective term “Roselily” has recently been coined in reference to these exceptional Oriental lilies for a few reasons. As these extraordinarily beautiful flowers open with their multiple layers of petals, they resemble both an Oriental Lily and a Rose. Furthermore, these lilies do not exhibit the strong fragrance associated with most oriental lilies, but rather a delightful mild fragrance and neither do they contain the obnoxious pollen that has ruined so many of our clothes.

Botanical Name:Lilium orientalis
Common Name:Roselily, Oriental Lilies
Hardiness Zone:3-10: Cold Tolerance: -25F
Sun Shade:Partial (preferred) or Full Sun
SKU:R61797 / Perennial
Bloom Time:Summer- 2nd Season
Cultivar:4 bulbs each bagged/labeled separately of Sara (exotic pink) and Samantha (deep pink w/ white edging)
HT/WD:24-30 in / 10-12 in
Special:Extremely rare and hard-to-find; very large flowers- up to 8-10 inches across; mild fragrance a bit milder than traditional orientals; multi-layered and extremely fragrant; boasts 18 ruffled petals per flower; no messy pollen; multiply rapidly
Uses:Perennial garden or border, container, cut flower for arrangements and vases
Growing Guides:Multi-Petaled Lilies
Ships:bulb 14/16 cm
Shipping Schedule:Zone Map

This collection includes two fantastic varieties in Sara and Samantha, each exuding a different, yet beautiful coloration and multiple petals while producing the fullest flowering lilies we've ever seen in the world. Sara produces exotic pink flowers with a dark pink central vein and elegant freckles. Samantha is reminiscent of our favorite stargazers, but with four times the number of petals! Producing thicker flowers, you can expect your Roselilies to last significantly longer on your plants in the garden (or container) than the average oriental lily. Roselilies were originally designed for the cut flower industry and thus produce some of the most memorable flowers you will ever grow in your garden, with flowers up to 8-10” in diameter they will also last quite a bit longer in your vases than normal lilies. Whether in the garden or in the container, you can gleefully expect your Roselilies to bloom mid summer for several weeks every year.

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